We are located on the east coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Everything is handmade with much attention to detail and quality of ingredients.

We love everything about Flowers, especially Hawaiian Flowers.

We are offering a large variety of exquisite Hawaiian Aromatherapy products, Natural Perfumes, 100% pure Essential Oils and Absolutes, Essential Oil Blends like Lomi Lomi and Pele Goddess Oil, wonderfully scented Organic Lotions, Hawaiian Perfumes and Hawaiian Flower Fragrances (see: Hawaiian Fruit & Flower Oils) and potent 100% pure natural healing oils: Kukui Nut Oil and Kamani Oil ( Tamanu Oil ), pure treasures of our islands.

We also carry Massage-Oils, Bath and Body Oils scented with beautiful Hawaiian Flower Scents or Essential Oil Blends, Turmeric Healing Balm, Neem Seed Oil, and Neem Leaf Extract.

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Alohatherapy, P.O.Box 1597, Pahoa, Hawaii. 96778, USA, eMail: mail@alohatherapy.net, web address: http://www.alohatherapy.net